your favorite romance novel
a harmonica
fancy rosé
a hand knit scarf from aunt Talia
your surfboard
that one thing
embarrassing photos
of your 5th grade teacher
shitty tequila
a picture of your grandmother
your three piece suit
a machete from el salvador
a machete from el salvador
all the baby things
your broken skateboard
old vinyl records
circus equipment
all that cash
your stiletto pumps
midnight snacks
fresh kicks
small shoes for squirrels
your dachshund
poetry books
pirate money
fat raccoon
your lazy friend
polly pocket collection
a keg
barrel of essential oils
a djembe
frodo's ring
baby gyarados
bob ross' easel
a himalayan salt lamp
3d printer
fool's gold
the heart of the ocean
your pet rock
lucy in the sky with diamonds
your best larping sword
cock sock
goldfish leash
gucci glasses
david's cabinets
what do you carry?
thanks mate!
hmm Something went wrong...try again

carrying all your weird sh*t soon